Blades of Exile Graphics

BOA monsters!! w00t!


The illithids have come to eat your brain!

A prehistoric triceratops. A slith warbeast maybe?

Another slime created by the vahnatai; I call it: Cerulian Slime.

Rogue's BOA monster graphics

These monster graphics were made by my brother Rogue, not me. So give him credit will ya!

A big guy with a hammer. Edited heavily from the hammer guy in ASR

A Royal Dervish, edit from the original dervish

A standard adventuring type

This is actually a port of a graphic I made for BOE. Pretty good...

I think this one looks soooo freaking cool.

Doesn't this look familiar? This is another port from BOE... props to Tim Farland for the cool design

That's all for now, folks